Functions of the department include:

  1. Conducting researches on education, particularly in areas germane to teacher education;
  2. Coordinating of research work on teacher education in Colleges of Education;
  3. Considering research fund for the Commission and Colleges of Education;
  4. Responsible for analyzing and producing statistical data arising from the operations of the Commission and Colleges of Education;
  5. Providing ICT leadership for teacher education in Colleges of Education and NCCE;
  6. Maintaining the computer services of the Commission, including internet services;
  7. Undertaking periodic reviews of policies based on research findings on teacher education;
  8. Making recommendations on the national policy for the development of teacher education and teacher professionalism;
  9. Handling the Commission’s National Conferences;
  10. Handling the publications of the Commission’s Journal, The Nigerian Teacher Today (TNTT);
  11. Production of Newsletter, News Brief, Monographs and Brochures for the NCCE;
  12. Marketing of all the publications of the Commission;
  13. Monitoring and Evaluation of Academic Standards in Colleges of Education in Nigeria;
  14. Any other schedule as may be referred to it from time to time.

Structure of the Department

The Planning, Research and Statistics Department operates with four (4) units which are:

Research Unit

Statistics Unit

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Policy and Publications Unit