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The National Commission for Colleges of Education was established by Decree (now Act) 13 of 17th January, 1989 (Amended Act 12 of 1993) as a completion of tripod of excellence in the supervision of higher education in the country.

The establishment of the commission was a resultant effect of the utmost importance accorded to quality teacher education by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Since inception, the Commission has continuously pursued goals of quality assurance in teacher education. The pride of the commission is based on the seminal philosophy in the National Policy on Education (NAPE) which states that “no education can rise above the quality of its teachers.

For over one and a half decade of its existence, the commission had ensured that teacher education contributed immeasurably into national development. In pursuit of its objectives, the commission had standardized and continuously reviewed the curriculum of the Colleges of Education. This constant review of the curriculum had strengthened the capacity of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) graduates. After the laying down of minimum requirements for the Colleges of Education, the Commission had gone ahead to accredit their courses. The accreditation of the courses is carried out once in five years.

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