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NCCE Shuts Down Illegal Colleges of Education

The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) has identified illegal Colleges of Education operating across the country. The Colleges are as follows:

1) Salvation College of Education, Ikirun, Osun State
2) Unity College of Education, Olofu, Dekina LGA, Kogi State
3) Omala College of Education, Abejukolo, Kogi State
4) Middle Belt College of Education, Obagbaji, Agatu LGA, Benue State
5) College of Education, Ayilamo, Logo LGA, Benue State
6) Lobethas College of Education, Daudu, Guma LGA, Benue State
7) Divine College of Education, Tse-Agberagba, Benue State
8) Odeh Memorial College of Education, Onyegede, Ohimini LGA, Benue State
9) Princess College of Education, Dudu, Obi LGA, Nasarawa State
10) Agyaragu College of Education, Lafia, Nasarawa State
11) JIBWIS College of Education, Lafia, Nasarawa State
12) Annur College of Education, Doma, Nasarawa State
13) ECWA College of Education, Doma, Nasarawa State
14) Daurawa Community Institute of Islamic Studies, Daura, Katsina State
15) Musab Ibn Umar College of Education, Bajoga, Gombe State
16) Kafin Madaki College of Education, Bauchi State
17) Ameenudeen College of Education Kwami, Bauchi State
18) Ameenudeen College of Education Malam sidi, Gombe State
19) Ameenudeen College of Education Darazo, Bauchi State
20) College of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Toro, Bauchi State
21) ECWA College of Education, Bayara, Bauchi State
22) Nehemiah College of Education, Oku-Okoko-Warri, Delta State
23) Garba Ibrahim Institute of Education, Alkaleri, Bauchi State

Also, the Commission has noted the proliferation of outreach centres by approved Colleges. Some of these lawful Colleges also run subject combinations not approved by the National Commission for Colleges of Education. Added to all these are cases of non-documented affiliations with local and unknown international tertiary institutions.

To stem the tide of these illegalities, the Commission hereby notifies the general public that products of these black-market institutions, centres, programmes and affiliations should not be accepted whenever and wherever they present themselves for any types of recognition. The managers of these enterprises should close shop forthwith and submit themselves to the NCCE for proper advice, registration, documentation, monitoring, evaluation, and accreditation. Provosts of recognized Colleges are hereby warned that NCCE will take punitive action against anyone that encourages theses breaches and infractions.

This exercise is a continuous one; anytime an illegal institution is identified, its name and location will be promptly published in the National Dailies. The general public should note that satellite campuses are banned in Nigeria and only the National Teachers Institute (NTI) has the mandate to run NCE by Distant Learning Mode, using only NCCE recognized study centres.

Posted on 26th April, 2019 by 12:30PM


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